Brian Jensen aka Percy Katt

Exhibitionist. Provocateur. Visionary. Libertine.

Percy Katt's rise to notoriety began at the age of 17, when he left his parochial home town for New York City to embark on a modeling career. Despite his achievements, which included runway and photo work in the world's fashion capitals, he realized that fashion - in spite of its seductive glamour - lacked the opportunities for creativity and self-expression that he so passionately required. Leaving this life behind, he returned to Canada and reinvented himself as a night-life personality and performance artist.

Throughout these chameleonic transformations, one aspect of his life has remained a constant: his drive to express himself through art. Katt's work is lurid, narcissistic and risque, but it also raises important and challenging questions about sexuality, materialism, identity politics, and self-promotion. Over the last ten years he has amassed a portfolio of hundreds of images, and, in the process, has collaborated with various high-profile photographers, models, burlesque stars and designers.

Katt, a cunty Warholian icon, has joined forces with his tantalizing muse Obskyura to form a new creative collective, Kkunt Factory. Together they create provocative multimedia which continues to titillate, inspire and offend.

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Concepts, Art Direction, Post-Production, Casting and Styling by Brian Jensen


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